2008 Design

12th Jan 2008 stk

We decided to kick off the new year with a new design.

The funny part, of course, is that it isn't all that "new" (as it's been lying around, half-finished, for the better part of a whole year).

However, because it's a new year and we're an optimistic lot ... we've decided to upgrade to it anyway!

Mind the few rough edges (IE6 users, we're talking to you!)

We predict that 2008 will rock.

-the AM team



Comment from: Gary
Nice new look guys, gotta hand it to you - you know how to make a good looking site ;)

15/01/08 @ 13:32
You wouldn't believe the battle we've had to make it work at your pitiful res!

There's more changes due soon, stay tuned ;)

16/01/08 @ 00:45
That really does look rather good. Not quite sure why but it makes me think of the ZX Spectrum somehow.... happy days.
19/01/08 @ 02:56

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