Lycos UK

7th Dec 2006 stk


The Problem: Lycos U.K., a subdivision of Lycos Europe, wanted to convert their directory pages to be XHTML, CSS and WAI compliant - at a reasonable cost.

The Solution: Hire AstonishMe! to convert over 100,000 statically-created, individually-maintained and XHTML/CSS/WAI-invalid pages into a single, web-standards template. This allows sweeping, site-wide changes to be as easy as modifying a single template! In addition, we converted static pages to be dynamically served, utilizing an innovative cache system which optimizes speed and guarantees successful page retrieval. A low deposit, plus ongoing payments (based on directory sales and page views) saves Lycos money over their previous solution. Better, faster, cheaper - Lycos is impressed!

The Challenge: Building an enterprise-level, XML-based query system database from scratch. Configuring a dedicated web-server (and backup server) to withstand a high volume of traffic. Designing and coding a single, PHP-based, XHTML/CSS-valid, WAI-508-compliant template which handles every possible directory listing configuration. (Added challenge: 24-hours before the project deadline, completely re-design the layout and graphics, in order to match a just-released, Lycos site design!)

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